Local Health Departments Respond to Missouri Attorney General’s Notice to End Mask and Quarantine Orders

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – After a Cole County court ruling that the mask warrants and quarantine orders are unconstitutional, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt sent a letter to Health Services in the state.

He gave them a warning: stop issuing public health orders like mask warrants or quarantines or you could face legal action.

“Any kind of information, people should be able to find it easily,” said Amanda Powell.

Many, like Amanda Powell, wonder why a government entity is trying to limit public health information during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They are not doctors. They are not health professionals. They are not educated in this area, so they should not hide any medical information, ”she said.

In response to the letter, several counties, including Christian, Polk and Laclede, announced that they had been forced to stop all work related to COVID-19.

They released statements saying there were no more case investigations, contact tracing, quarantine orders or public announcements of current cases or deaths.

Additionally, some agencies say the move could affect how they treat any highly contagious diseases in the future.

Other agencies, like the Springfield-Greene County Department of Health, say they are waiting for officials to work to better understand what the decision means before making a decision.

It caused confusion and frustration.

“Everyone has to make the best decisions for their own family. They need all the information to come to their own conclusion, ”said Powell.

A representative from the Missouri Department of Health and Seniors’ Services tells us they’re working on a plan, but there’s no time frame to do so.

We have also reached out to the attorney general’s office for comment.

We are told that we may have the opportunity to get our questions answered in the near future.

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