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Saturday solologues: the sponsors of the Indian cricket jersey: lucky or unlucky?

Edtech Major Byju’s spent more than INR 880 crore on ad spend, a nearly 100 percent jump in ad spend from a year ago, according to media reports earlier this week.

We know that Byju’s is a big spender in cricket. Besides the three-year deal (September 2019 to 2022) it has with Indian cricket council, BCCI, which was signed in 2019 after previous sponsor Oppo withdrew from its five-year commitment of 1,079 crore INR, in February 2021, Byju’s also signed another INR 100+ crore with the International Cricket Council (ICC), with the T20 World Cup and the 50-over World Cup on the horizon.

But if you look at the history of Indian cricket sponsors over the years, most have had to abandon ship under difficult circumstances.

Indian men’s cricket started wearing colorful jerseys in the mid-1980s, but this was a gradual progression towards brand membership.

The Online Exam Preparation Portal was acquired by BYJU’S …

Take the case of India’s first sponsor of the men’s cricket jersey, Wills, whom the team incorporated in the post-liberalization era of the early 1990s. As legislation on alternative advertising began to tighten, Wills had to move forward despite having a legitimate clothing line and retail chain. It was quickly replaced by another ITC company, the hotel industry for a time.

Soon, an ICC clause that came into play was the party’s pooper. In 2002, during the Champions Trophy, Cricket India had no logo on its jersey because the anti-ambush clause prevented a rival brand from putting its logo on the team jersey. This clearly shows why Byju accepted the deal with the ICC.

In 2003, the main sponsor of the Indian team, Sahara India, could not be part of the World Cup, as its airline business that existed at the time was in competition with the official sponsor of the ICC, South African. Airlines.

The Cricket Control Council in India recently issued a tender for two new franchises to be included in the Indian Premier League …

Despite being kept out of two major tournaments, due to the anti-ambush marketing clause, the Sahara brand had the longest association with Indian cricket which continued until 2013. Then she decided to step down, apparently after a clash over the induction of players into her IPL team being one of the reasons.

Star India, also a partner of BCCI, took office for a three-year term, followed by Chinese mobile phone maker Oppo, which signed a five-year contract. However, this only lasted two years.

Will Byju’s affair with cricket have a different ending? Just like cricket scores, it is also a game of glorious uncertainties.

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