Manalapan Mom Bites Parasites in the Most Natural Way

MANALAPAN, NJ – Laurie White, a mom of three in Manalapan, is on a mission. She wants families to know how to control pests in their backyard while keeping children and pets safe.

“We’re all here in New Jersey where there are a lot of ticks and mosquitoes,” she told Patch. “A lot of people have pets that, after the chemical companies arrived, within about a day, were vomiting (or had) diarrhea and seizures.”

This year, White launched an all-natural tick and mosquito control service called Bite Back. They spray a solution of essential oils mixed with a soap base around the exterior of the house.

According to White, it effectively eliminates unwanted pests, while keeping insects vital to the ecosystem alive and posing no threat to pets or children. That’s why the company’s mascot, Buddy, is a very smiling butterfly. The product also does not harm bees or ladybugs.

They come every three weeks during the warmer months, which is similar to how often companies spray more toxic chemicals, White said.

“I was basically in the same position as all of my clients, with young children and this anxiety, this worry, this vicious cycle,” White said. “It was just like a big web of anxiety. You go from worrying about ticks, Lyme disease and mosquitoes to ‘oh, great, now they’re ingesting and being around these toxic and unhealthy chemicals.’ . It was just one worry after another. “

White said the demand for his service in his first season has exceeded all of his expectations.

“There were just more than a few people who had issues with pets. I had a lot of people calling me. And they were also mostly complaining about pets, dogs were getting sick from the chemical companies.” , White said. “Everyone is eating organic now and trying to be healthier. So no one really wants to spray this (toxic chemicals) around their kids, pets and family.”

She hopes to double her sales next year. While there are other services offering natural solutions, she said many of them have to come every two weeks and charge “almost double the price.”

Bite Back is just “just slightly more expensive,” she said.

“There are a lot of people in the same boat as us and I wish I could help them, (alleviate) their anxieties – especially the moms who are at home with the kids trying to get them to play in the garden,” she declared. noted. “Many customers say for the first time that my kids were able to go out and catch lightning and not invite mosquitoes. “

Besides her three children, White also has three dogs. She has carved out an ambitious path.

“My mission is basically to help everyone, including the earth,” she said. “It’s not 1980. There is no reason to put anyone in unnecessary danger.”

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