Meet the Talent Pool Finalists at the 2022 iTnews Benchmark Awards – Benchmarking Change

The current IT skills shortage in Australia’s tech sector is critical, with many organizations looking to implement their own training and education programs to fill the gaps.

The two finalists of iTnews The Talent Group Benchmark Awards category recognizes that innovative programs to attract and retain technology personnel are critical to economic recovery and to their businesses, both for current stability and sustaining future growth.

The two finalists in this category are:

  • UST’s Step IT Up Australia program, run with Macquarie Bank
  • The NSW Telco Authority Training and Development Program

Both finalists have demonstrated that a proactive response to closing Australia’s technology skills gap is a national imperative, and that the opportunity to hone and develop existing talent will serve to fuel business transformation.

Inclusiveness to Address the Fintech Skills Shortage

UST partnered with Macquarie Bank to deliver an inclusive program that not only addressed the critical need for Java developers in the financial industry and across the economy, but also served to accelerate the careers of underrepresented talent in industry.

“The Step IT Up program is designed to give graduates the opportunity to learn skills in Java development and in-demand technology ways of working, leading to a career, in this case, at one of the largest banks. Australian companies, Macquarie Bank,” the UST director said. said Australia and New Zealand manager Matthew McCormack.

Step IT Up Australia is a talent and impact program providing training and a pathway to careers in technology for people from underrepresented communities.

The aim of the first Step IT Up cohort was to support Indigenous Australians and unemployed women.

“With the global supply of talent impacting the Australian economy, we see businesses every day looking for new ways to strengthen their talent pipelines to accelerate their digital transformations,” said McCormack.

“We know that some of the brightest and most talented minds are underrepresented in the tech space and our goal is to actively change that.”

Rewiring Top Telecom Talent

The NSW Telco Authority, which operates the state’s public safety radio network for emergency responders, has embarked on a $1.4 billion network expansion.

It not only needs top talent to support this growth, but it also needs to keep its existing team at the forefront of technical expertise.

The Critical Communications Enhancement Program, which will provide a single network for emergency services, requires highly skilled personnel and a business and technology culture that can support, train and attract the best people for this mission-critical team.

“What we recognized was that training and development was really essential to the sustainable growth of the organization, as well as our success,” said Kylie De Courteney, chief executive of the NSW Telco Authority.

“We focused on integrating this type of capability into our existing workforce, which included many improvements in digital and technology capabilities.”

Over the past two years, the organization has grown its workforce from 180 employees to more than 400 to meet the growing demands of its critical program delivery and support operations.

As part of its training and development initiative, the Authority has rolled out professional services courses delivered by nationally recognized service providers.

This covered the entire workforce at all levels of the company to ensure teams had access to best practices in their fields.

“The biggest challenge was balancing the demands for people to do their jobs and the demands to perfect them for their future jobs,” De Courteney said.

“What I’m really proud of is the fact that we’ve given people our most valuable resource, which is time. We’ve provided staff time outside of their jobs. We’ve supported them with schedules. flexible working hours.”

De Courteney added that the impact of the program on the culture of the Telecommunications Authority had been profound.

“We have had much lower employee turnover than in the past, our employee engagement numbers are up and we are receiving a significant number of employee referrals for roles within the organization,” a- she declared.

Watch the documentary mini-series

We thank all organizations that participated in the Talent Awards category – a highly competitive category with many innovative entries.

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On June 15, the winners will be announced at a ceremony and dinner hosted by KPMG in Barangaroo, Sydney.

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