Mike Massoglia co-author of a book on prisons and health – Department of Sociology – UW-Madison

The book Prisons and health in the age of mass incarceration will be published on September 30 and is described by its publisher, Oxford University Press, as “the first comprehensive, empirical book to focus on the link between incarceration and health”. Co-authored by sociology professor Mike Massoglia, with colleagues Jason Schnittker and Christopher Uggen, the book received positive reviews:

Prisons and health in the age of mass incarceration is a strong and important book by a group of extremely sharp and well-established authors. The book is incredibly timely in light of how the Covid-19 pandemic has torn prisons and prisons apart. This will be the go-to piece for anyone interested in incarceration and health. —Chris Wildeman, Duke University

Massoglia’s work focuses on the social consequences of the expanding penal system, the relationship between the use of legal controls and demographic change in the United States, and the patterns and consequences of criminal behavior across the lifespan. Current research projects examine the historical variation of criminal deportations in the United States as well as the relationship between incarceration and neighborhood achievement and racial composition. Massoglia teaches courses on criminology, delinquency and deviance. He is affiliated with the Center for Demography and Ecology and the Center for Law, Society and Justice.

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