Moms can feel fulfilled and happy at work, here’s how

When the concept of working mothers is discussed, it is usually in the context of the mother’s guilt for having earned a salary to help the family, but having had to be away from the children to do so. In fact, many feel fulfilled and happy to go to work, which makes women better mothers. Too often, working mothers are seen as “forced” to work because they cannot afford to stay home. But there are women who would not flourish under these conditions and become working moms because they want to. And for these mothers or those considering returning to the workforce, it is possible to be a mother and for work to be an outlet to feel fulfilled and happy.

Becoming a mother does not automatically mean that all the education of children falls to women. Instead, it should be something that both parents do equally. But as far back as decades past when women’s aspirations were to go to college to find a husband and start a family, women are still seen as the parental figure to raise children while men go to work for win their life. salary. And while that’s what some moms want to do, they should also have the option of working to find something outside the home that fills their cup and makes them feel whole.

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Here’s how moms can feel fulfilled and happy at work.

Get paid for what it’s worth

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Stay-at-home moms hold an average of 2.5 jobs, according to MassLive. While working that much should bring huge pay, alas, it doesn’t. And because of that, women can feel unappreciated for everything they do. But, when mothers return to work outside the home or work from home and have tangible pay for the work they have done, they can feel content to be paid for what they are worth.

According to Pew Research Center, women are still underpaid compared to their male counterparts, earning only $0.84 for every dollar earned by men. That doesn’t mean there aren’t industries where men and women are valued equally, though. And if mothers are able to get jobs where they feel their talents are fairly compensated, they will ultimately be happy to have recognition via a paycheck for a job well done.

Have a purpose both inside and outside the home

The world is a very big place. However, after becoming a mother, it may seem very small. This may be especially true for mothers who don’t have a goal that excites them outside of the home. As such, having a purpose can be important for the overall well-being of mothers. And that’s why for some, it’s important to go back to work after becoming a mother.

According to very good spirit, those who have a purpose in life are physically and mentally healthier than those who do not. For some mothers, this purpose lives both inside the home raising and raising children and also outside the home in the workspace. This goal can be a cause that is close to his heart, a desire to help others, or even simply to lighten the financial burden of the household. Whatever the reasoning behind the goal, knowing what’s both inside and outside the home makes mothers happier overall.

Have a separate identity at work

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It is incredibly easy for mothers to fall into the trap that they are “just mothers” if they stay at home. Mothers who choose to stay at home know that it’s not “just” the work that gets done. But that’s why many choose to go back to work so they have a separate identity from motherhood when they’re on the date.

To make this clear, working doesn’t mean women have to forget who they are as mothers. After all, the experience of motherhood is one that changes many women for the better and gives them perspectives on life that they didn’t have before children. But that doesn’t mean that women should lose themselves in this role. And that’s why when women have an identity at work that encompasses a completely different set of skills than motherhood encompasses, they don’t forget who they were before becoming mothers. Instead, it’s richer versions of themselves that ultimately lead to happiness and fulfillment.

Work helps mothers grow

Mothers are responsible for ensuring that their children thrive and grow up to be the best versions of themselves that they can be. Along with this, some mothers forget that they too must continue to grow and challenge themselves to be the best version of themselves. And one way to do that is to be a working mom.

When women return to work after becoming mothers, according to Career Balance, they are different versions of themselves. Often, new releases want to grow in different ways than they did before kids, but still want to continue to grow professionally. By establishing a clear pathway of how to achieve growth goals, each time those goals are achieved, there is a measurable amount of growth to be seen. And by seeing growth in themselves instead of just seeing growth in their children, working mothers are happy and fulfilled not only in their home lives, but also in their work environment.

Source: MassLive, Pew Research Center, VeryWell Mind, The Balance Careers

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