‘Network Security Incident’ Takes Maryland Department of Health Website Offline

Monday, December 6, 2021

The Maryland Health Department website was taken offline on Sunday due to a “network security incident.”

On Sunday evening, the department’s website was redirected to the state’s main website.

Andy Owen, a spokesperson for MDH, sent a statement to 11 News, saying, “The Maryland Security Operations Center is investigating a network security incident involving the Maryland Department of Health. The Maryland Department of Information Technology, the Maryland Department of Health, and the Maryland Department of Emergency Management are working closely with federal and state law enforcement partners to address the incident and gather additional information. Some systems have been taken offline as a precaution and other precautions have been and will be taken.

“The investigation is ongoing, potentially affected employees and partners have been notified, and we will provide additional information if the circumstances warrant.”

Earlier on Sunday, 11 News staff noticed that the daily COVID-19 numbers were not being updated. The breakdown comes after three cases of the omicron variant were reported in Maryland on Friday.

The outage was first reported on Sunday evening by The Washington Post.

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