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Pedestrian crossing on the territorial road

With grants from the AARP Community Challenge and the Good Neighbor Fund at the University of Minnesota, District 12 brightened up the block of Territorial Road adjacent to the newly installed new sidewalk.

On September 26, St. Paul artist Tomasina Topbear and her friends painted a creative crosswalk on Carleton Street, next to The Ray apartment building. Her design is a motif based on the morning star, which also features prominently in her Unci Maka mural half a block east, created for the 2021 Chroma Zone Mural Festival.

The Crosswalk Art is part of District 12’s efforts to encourage motorists crossing this section of the land road to slow down and stop for pedestrians.

In addition to the crosswalk, District Council 12 also commissioned and coordinated the painting of a mural on Seal Street on October 3. (See the Transition Town article for more information.)

The final part of this project will bring two artist-designed benches to the corners of Seal and Carleton streets later this year, creating resting places for people going to University Avenue and Raymond Station on the Green Line.

Put you in touch with local volunteering opportunities

Deliver meals to those in need? Clean up a local park? Help new residents register to vote? Do you coordinate volunteers at a local street painting event?

If any of these activities interest you, consider signing up for the St. Anthony Park Volunteer Database. District 12 is looking to build a list of community members to contact when volunteer opportunities arise. The volunteer database will be an easy way to connect residents with opportunities they would appreciate and ways to make a difference in St. Anthony Park.

Register at to start receiving volunteer opportunities that interest you!

Distribution of Brightside products

Do you currently receive weekly product distribution from a nationwide distributor? Consider switching to Brightside, a local organization whose profits fight food insecurity in local urban neighborhoods. Brightside’s standalone model uses weekly product delivery subscriptions to offset the cost and provide local stores with fresh produce for just 10% off the wholesale price.

Although Brightside has primarily worked with stores in Minneapolis, the food supplier recently received a grant from the Good Neighbor Fund to begin providing these services in St. Anthony Park. To help them do this, the District 12 Community Council is challenging area residents to switch from nationwide product distributions to weekly Brightside home deliveries. District 12’s goal is to register 30 new neighbors in Brightside by December 1. You can sign up for fresh produce delivery at

Brightside offers a variety of product subscriptions as well as optional add-ons such as Coffee Beans, Eggs or ‘Sustainable Seconds’ (helping eliminate food waste by using foods that are not good enough for one. package).

District Council Elections 12

St. Anthony’s Park Community Council is where residents and businesses come together around vital neighborhood interests that enhance the quality of life, strengthen the character and vitality of the community, and ensure effective government.

Now is your chance to elect board members to improve the local community in different ways.

Elections to the Board of Directors will take place until December 6. To view the ballot and vote, visit Anyone who lives or works in St. Anthony Park can vote for the community council board. If you have any questions or would like to be considered for the seats that remain open, please contact [email protected]

SAPCC November Meetings

The St. Anthony Park Community Council committees discuss a variety of issues at their monthly meetings. Visit the council’s website at to learn more.

Regional planning committee: 7 p.m., Thursday, November 4

Board meeting: 7 p.m., Thursday, November 11

Environment Commission: 7 p.m., Wednesday, November 24

Equity Committee: 5:30 p.m., Monday November 29

Transport Commission: 7 p.m., Tuesday, November 30

Regional planning committee: 7 p.m., Thursday, December 2

All meetings are hosted through Zoom. Meeting times are subject to change. If you would like to attend a meeting or have questions about joining a committee, please email Kathryn at [email protected] for the link

Submitted by Jessica Willman, District 12 Community Organizer.

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