NMMI will offer a cybersecurity program


“The army wants to invest in 20 high schools across the country, out of 2000 programs, 20 have been selected and the ROTC junior program is a gateway to this great student body that we have,” he said.

The military hopes to recruit high school students for future military careers, but the skills learned are also reflected in the public and private sectors. The program will prepare cadets for careers in cybersecurity – with courses like data protection, secure software development, and cybersecurity law.

USAF retired Brigadier General Doug Murray, Dean of Academics, said in today’s world, cybersecurity is at the forefront of national security.

“There are so many challenges we face in this country, not only in terms of military security, but also economic security, social security,” he said.

In their first year, they anticipate that 85 students will attend. The institute already has an existing partnership with the UNM National Security Studies program as well as partnerships with local law enforcement.

NMMI already has a rigorous STEM-based program, and with the new program in place, cadets will receive training that will put them at the forefront of career opportunities.

Now, with the addition of the cybersecurity program, they hope to attract even more talented students to join their ranks.

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