Novavax vaccine volunteer says it was used as ‘fodder’ for trial after restrictions revealed


A man who participated in the Novavax covid vaccine trials earlier this year said he “would not choose” to repeat the trial after finding out that travel to the EU is limited for those who have it. taken.

Damian Reynolds was among thousands who took part in trials of the Novavax coronavirus vaccine in April.

One of the main testing centers in Norfolk was Lynn’s QEH.

Lisa Austin participated in the clinical trials of the Novavax vaccine last October. Photo: Ian Burt. (44195016)

The QEH played a decisive role in the study of the Novavax vaccine (NVX-CoV2373) which is said to be 89.7% effective against the coronavirus.

However, despite the successes, Novavax has struggled to bring its protein-based vaccine to market.

The Maryland-based company last Thursday announced a setback in its quest for emergency use authorization in the United States, causing its stock price to plummet.

Coronavirus vaccine administration (49576484)
Coronavirus vaccine administration (49576484)

The setback left trial volunteers embarrassed, including Mr. Reynolds, who said he felt little more than “fodder.”

Mr Reynolds said: “We asked during the trial if this would have any effect on our freedoms, and we were assured it would not.

“However, I have been told that I will have to self-isolate if I travel outside the country because Novavax has experienced setbacks with the manufacturing, it has not been fully approved.

“I feel like we’re a little more than fodder. If I had known the impact of the jab, I would have just chosen to take one of the others at the right time.

“I have spoken to my GP and he refuses to give me another brand of vaccine because it could give me a complete response to covid.

“I think from an ethical point of view the volunteers have been damaged because we cannot enjoy the same freedoms as everyone else.”

Mr Reynolds booked a trip to Poland and was ordered to quarantine himself upon arrival due to his vaccine status.

He said: “I was told to isolate for seven days… the trip is seven days, so what’s the point in going?”

The study was conducted at 33 sites across the UK, including Norfolk, with 27% of the 15,000 participants aged 65 and over, and 44% having coexisting illnesses.

Dr Christopher Jeanes, Consulting Microbiologist and QEH Infection Control Physician, said: “On behalf of myself and my co-PI Professor Jeremy Turner at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital we have been extremely proud to lead the delivery of this trial locally. . “

“The vaccine research program has been a huge combined effort on the part of the participants and it has been a great team and system-wide effort across Norfolk and Waveney including acute hospitals, primary care , community care and the National Institute for Health Research ”.

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