Orange County Department of Health and Orange County Public Schools to Deploy Rapid COVID-19 Tests to Schools Next Year – Central Florida News


The Orange County Department of Health has received additional state funding that will be used to implement rapid COVID-19 testing in schools next year.

Medical director Dr Raul Pino said the department has received the state’s $ 32 million to be used for laboratory and epidemiological surveillance as well as rapid testing.

Pino says he’s working on a plan to test symptomatic students and teachers that could include purchasing rapid test machines for schools.

He says he also advocates placing medical staff in every school who could perform and read these tests.

“Locate health service workers in schools for at least this coming year of clinical training, perhaps nurses, LPNs or medical assistants who could help schools control future outbreaks.”

Pino says the tests will help control outbreaks and limit the spread of COVID-19 among students under the age of 12 who cannot yet get vaccinated.

“So the idea beyond the total amount is to really speed up results, control outbreaks and limit the spread of disease over the next year or so.”

Pino recommends that students aged 12 to 18 get vaccinated as soon as possible so that they are vaccinated before the next school year.

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