Our honest review of Huda Kattan’s Wishful skin care line


the launch of skincare by influencer-turned-entrepreneur Huda Kattan last year was very significant.

Intentionally named Wishful, so if you want beautiful and clear skin the brand claims to be able to deliver. It was a different approach for Kattan – who is known for her layered makeup looks – to reveal everything to her fans.

But the risk, it seems, has paid off. Industry experts predicted that in just a few years, Wishful Skin could grow into a $ 100 million business in terms of global sales, alongside its parent company Huda Beauty, which would grow 25% annually. In the saturated skin care and beauty industries, this is no small feat.

“When we launched Wishful Skin a year ago, it was taking a long time,” said Huda Kattan, Beauty Dean and Brand Founder. Standard. “I had been looking to solve my own skin care problems for 17 years.”

Kattan Celebrates Launch of Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub

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After a period of cystic acne in her late teens and the uneven texture that imposed on her skin as a result – “there were days when I honestly didn’t want to leave the house, it was so bad and I was so-conscious myself ”- Kattan began to develop Wishful in response to the comments and feedback she received from her online community. “I realized that I was not alone and that there were so many people like me trying to find solutions to skin problems and not just acne,” she explains.

Indeed, Kattan noted that of the 45 million views recorded each year on the Huda Beauty blog, more than 20% of the comments received were skin care requests.

Kattan and her team listened to community calls for effective skin care, so Wishful was born a year ago with their first product, Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub, a gentle exfoliant made up of AHA, BHA and pineapple and papaya enzymes. The brand is clear on its “no filters or Photoshop mantra” and eschews role models in favor of “real people” and Kattan herself for her social media content, providing intact and empowering messages to her users. Fast forwarding a tumultuous year and Wishful now has seven products under its belt.

So what is it all about? In a recent video uploaded to Wishful’s Instagram account, Kattan showed off her updated skincare routine, which includes a septet line from Wishful. In honor of its first anniversary, I have been testing Kattan’s Wishful products over the past few weeks, and this is my honest review.

Wishful Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub

My skin, like Kattan’s, is sensitive and very irritable. I have avoided scrubs and peels unless given by a facialist for most of my adult life, as my skin seizes at the first sign of any form of anathema. So when Kattan called Yo Glow a “gentle” scrub on Wishful’s Instagram, I thought it couldn’t be. this bad, right?

Fast forward two weeks and frankly I never want to be without Yo Glow again. In fact, I would bathe in Yo Glow if I could. It smells like a slice of heaven and is the most delicious addition to a after-cleansing skincare routine as it builds up a satisfying layer of skin debris as you exfoliate your face. With an intoxicating ingredient list including AHAs, BHAs, and pineapple enzymes, my skin now looks brighter, happier, and clearer. Yo Glow is now my glow.

Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub

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Wishful Clean Genie Butter Cleanser

I love a balm as a first cleanse and while I use Elemis Pro-Collagen Formula For a while now, Wishful’s Clean Genie Butter served as a creamy alternative. Bursting with green tea extract to help maintain hydration, cherry blossom extract to revitalize skin, and malachite stone to eradicate environmental stresses such as pollution, the balm is a turquoise blue shade that melts away into a creamy milk when mixed with water to eliminate.

Don’t trust me: In clinical trials for the brand, 96% of people agreed that Clean Genie removed dirt, grime, and excess oil from their faces and 93% agreed their skin was clean after use.

Clean Genie Butter Cleanser

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Thirsty Desire Trap Juice Serum

The latest addition to the Wishful family is Thirst Trap Juice, which is an amalgam of three types of hyaluronic acid that holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water and firming peptides to hydrate. I integrated this into my morning and evening routine for over two weeks and let me tell you this stuff packs a punch.

My skin is firmer, instantly hydrated (I speak point blank glowing) and much less flaky. Don’t confuse the iridescent packaging with millennial nonsense (if anything, it gives my bathroom shelf its own little sparkle!) Thirst Trap Juice is a serious cult status hyaluronic acid serum.

Thirst Trap Juice

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Wishful Get Even Rose Oil

Nicknamed by Kattan for his “magic oil”, Get Even Rose Oil is a highly scented essential oil-rich formula that I found a little too much for my skin. While the oil actually didn’t have any added scents, it does contain 15 natural oils that all have their own unique scents that combined sent my skin into a spiral and came out stained after just one use.

Wishful’s Instagram is, however, full of photographic evidence of the wonders that Get Even Rose Oil has worked on acne scars and other pigmentation, so maybe if your skin is tougher and resilient than mine, it will be the product to change your skin too. Indeed, in the brand’s own trials, it was found that 97% of users agreed that their skin felt softer after 10 days of use. So maybe I’m just that damn three percent.

Even get rose oil

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Wishful Honey Balm Moisturizing Jelly

The first thing that attracts you about Honey Balm is the iridescent sheen of the moisturizer itself, which comes in the form of crushed mica pearls.

Despite the name and the fact that honey popped up on the ingredient list and inspired the texture of the product, Honey Balm’s key scent is lavender which is polarizing and I unfortunately reside closer to the ‘n’ end. not like ‘of the fragrant spectrum. . While Honey Balm also contains ultra-hydrating niacinamide and turmeric, the second ingredient in the ingredient list is dimethicone, which is a derivative of silicone. While for many this isn’t a problem, it’s important to note that for anyone concerned with clean beauty, the sheer amount of artificial silicone in Honey Balm is worth discounting.

As a base, to improve the dewiness of your skin, Honey Balm is a delicious option – it really gives off a gorgeous glow – but for a strong, effective moisturizer I’d look elsewhere.


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