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The Pentagon booking will transition to the Bravo Health Protection condition effective immediately due to a significant decrease in COVID-19 cases and positive test cases in the National Capital Region over the past two weeks. Both Armed Forces Retirement Home campuses, in Washington, DC, and Gulfport, Mississippi, will transition to HPCON Bravo Plus.

Additionally, in accordance with new Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and current CDC COVID-19 community levels for Arlington County and City of Alexandria, Va., designated as “low,” masks are not required indoors on Pentagon storage for military personnel, civilian employees, on-site contractors, or fully vaccinated or unvaccinated visitors.

Pentagon reservation facilities that are not in Arlington County or the City of Alexandria, Va., will follow the CDC COVID-I9 Community Levels for the particular county where the DoD facility is located. . Individuals can wear a mask of their choice, regardless of the level of the COVID-19 community. All staff, regardless of their vaccination status, will be required to wear a mask indoors if the community level of COVID-19 reaches “high”.

The Secretary of Defense’s number one priority during the COVID-19 pandemic continues to protect our personnel while accomplishing our national security mission. Supervisors will continue to provide maximum telecommuting opportunities and flexible hours to optimize the workforce while defending our nation, caring for our employees and ensuring success through teamwork.

When local communities that house Pentagon reservation facilities are at a “medium” or “high” COVID-I9 community level, on-site DoD contractor personnel, official visitors, and personnel with information from Alternative identifications of the Pentagon facility will complete Form DD 3150, “Contractor and Visitors Vaccination Certificate,” retain a current copy and show it to authorized DoD personnel upon request. Visitors who are not fully immunized against COVID-19, or who refuse to voluntarily report their COVID-19 vaccination status, must show an electronic or hard copy certificate of negative COVID-19 test results authorized or approved by the State Food and Drug Administration States administered no earlier than 72 hours prior to their visit.

With the move to HPCON Bravo, some of the measures that will be in effect include:

  • Organizations must maintain occupancy rates below 50% of normal workspace occupancy, unless exceptions are approved by the Director of Administration and Management;
  • Commanders and supervisors will continue to provide maximum telecommuting opportunities to all employees currently eligible to telecommute;
  • Commanders and supervisors will ensure that applicable force health protection guidelines regarding testing and isolation or quarantine procedures are understood and followed;
  • The Pentagon Reservation will remain closed to the public for indoor tours; the 9/11 Memorial will be open;
  • Medically vulnerable staff will continue to be allowed to self-report their condition and continue working from home, where possible, with supervisors taking precautions to limit their exposure in the workplace;
  • Gatherings on the Pentagon Reserve are limited to fewer than 50 people, with exceptions approved by DA&M;
  • The Pentagon Athletic Center will be open to all members by reservation only and will increase its maximum population (users and staff members) to 255 per 2.5 hour session. Maximum occupancy at Mark Center Gym is 21 and 15 at Taylor/Polk Building Gym per 2-1/2 hour session;
  • Pentagon and Mark Center conference facilities, as well as other ceremonial areas (Hero Hall, Corridor Tops) will be open and available for programming, but are subject to gathering limits;
  • Physical distancing remains at six feet;
  • Food court and concession options will be available with indoor seating options; Pentagon Military Department executive restaurants may open at the discretion of their sponsors;
  • Current COVID-19 open parking permits will be extended until April 29, 2022;

COVID-19 vaccinations, including booster shots, remain available through the DiLorenzo Pentagon Health Clinic. Symptomatic testing for those who become ill in the workplace remains available through the DiLorenzo Pentagon Health Clinic; employees who feel ill before coming to work should stay home and get tested by their GP or local pharmacy.

DOD remains committed to protecting our personnel, maintaining mission readiness, and supporting the whole-of-government effort response to COVID-19. We are continually urging our staff to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and encourage all eligible people to get vaccinated and take steps to protect themselves and those around them by using protective measures, including practicing good hand washing, social distancing, wearing properly fitted face coverings and taking appropriate action if you feel sick now. These can greatly reduce the risk of infection and slow the spread of COVID-19.

You can see the guidance note from the director of administration and management here.

For more information on the Pentagon Reservation’s response to COVID-19, visit

We encourage all DOD personnel to visit for information on how to stay healthy during the pandemic.

The CDC COVID-19 community levels are displayed here:

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