Planning for next phase of Springfield District school improvement begins

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Voters in Greene County may soon see a new bond issue asking for more money from taxpayers.

The Springfield School District begins work on the second phase of its improvement plans.

“I have a four-year-old child. Those years in school are really important. Kindergarten is where he learns everything,” Amanda Robins said.

She believes that a quality school environment is essential.

“From there, it’s going to decide what happens for the rest of his life,” she said.

But not all Springfield School District facilities are up to the task.

“We have some schools that need attention,” said Bridget Dierks, co-chair of the community task force. The group of volunteers works to identify the urgent needs of the district.

“By making sure we have diverse representation and different voices at the table, we’re making sure we’re bringing something to the school board that is a potential good school bond issue,” she said. .

In 2019, Greene County voters approved a $168 million bond to improve dozens of campuses.

“The last bond issue was a great preview, while many of our facilities are in great shape, many of them are not. It is not ideal that some learning environments are well better than others,” Dierks said.

The Community Working Group has divided the list of priority improvements into 3 phases. The evaluation of potential projects under the second phase will take place this year.

“Security is a continuous improvement effort. We certainly see that. We also believe that this potential second phase could be mid-level work.

The new Jarrett will open this winter. This new building is going to be a great opportunity for us to see what a very high quality college can look like,” explained Dierks.

Voters could be asked to extend the 18-cent tax for another 3 years.

Robins says it’s money that will be well spent.

“I know they’re doing really well with all the activities and extracurriculars they have but the building, you should probably update it,” she said, referring to the state of some schools.

The community working group will have 8 meetings from Tuesday July 19th until October. They will then make their recommendations to the school board.

Meetings are open to the public but no comments will be accepted.

Voters could see a bond measure in next April’s poll.

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