Police: woman charged with child abuse, neglect after excrement, rotten food found inside


NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – A woman has been charged with child abuse and neglect after officers said they found feces and trash strewn around a Newport News home.

Newport News police said they were executing a home search warrant in the 1800 block of Madison Avenue early Saturday morning.

During the search warrant, officers were able to locate a federal flight fugitive.

Officers did not disclose the name of the fugitive.

During the search warrant, officers also discovered Destiny Layton, 22, inside with three children aged 11 months, 3 years and 4 years old.

As officers searched the house for evidence, they said they saw “piles of garbage, including diapers containing human excrement and rotten food” in the corners of the kitchen.

They also reported seeing rotting meat and food on the kitchen counter and inside the refrigerator.

When officers entered the upstairs bedroom that appeared to belong to two children, they said the sheets were completely covered in feces, vomit and urine.

Diapers containing excrement were placed on the bedroom floor. There were also a large number of flies inside the chamber. A gun and several other items were seized from the residence during the search warrant.

The children were eventually handed over to a family member after officers contacted child protection services about the children’s living conditions.

Officers arrested the federal fugitive and Layton.

Layton has been charged with three counts of child abuse and neglect and cruel treatment of a child.

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