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Director of Programs

Company / Organization

Community cycling center

job description

Reports to: Executive Director
Status: Full time
Location: Portland, OR
Salary: $ 60,000 / year
Benefits: Full benefit package (see website)

We love Portland and the bikes. We therefore united our two loves more than 25 years ago, by creating a non-profit organization whose mission is to expand access to cycling and its benefits.

Our vision is to help build a vibrant community where people from all walks of life use the bike to stay healthy and connected. We believe that all Portlanders, regardless of income or background, should have the opportunity to experience the joy, freedom and health benefits of cycling. It’s the motivation behind everything we do.

In addition to delivering dynamic programs that benefit underserved communities, we operate a full-service bicycle store in Northeast Portland, staffed with highly experienced mechanics from a variety of cycling backgrounds. Our combined store programs and services help cyclists develop their skills and confidence;
enable young people to cycle to school and adults to cycle to work; provide educational opportunities for adolescents to obtain school credits; and supporting everyone in horseback riding for health and recreation. We are also working with many community partners to create pathways to employment and engagement within the growing cycling movement by training new educators, leaders, advocates and mechanics.

Our goal is to help create a healthy and sustainable Portland for all members of the community.

The Community Cycling Center is an equal opportunity employer and strongly values ​​diversity, equity and inclusion. People with diverse backgrounds, abilities and experiences are encouraged to apply.


The Program Director leads an enthusiastic and capable team of managers, coordinators and instructors as they tackle individual and systemic barriers to cycling. The Program Director and his team provide engaging programs for community members of all ages through our Bike Camps, Bike Clubs,
community rides and events, STEM education, free repairs and more. The Program Director works together with an experienced operational team, a strong volunteer base and a versatile development team to carry out our organization’s mission.

If you are interested, please visit our website for a more comprehensive review of our programs and to read our Understanding the Barriers to Cycling report:

Program design, development and support 80%
• Center diversity, equity, inclusion and justice in the planning and execution of all our programs
• Guide a culturally and socially appropriate process for the development of new programs and the delivery of existing programs.
• Lead the budgeting and work planning process for the program team
• Foster positive relationships with community leaders and organizational partners
• Provide guidance documents and clear philosophies for programs
• Manage and support program managers who run youth programs, community programs, and volunteer and event services
• Collaborate with our development team to create operational guidelines and foster a culture of data monitoring and reporting
• Develop strategic objectives for all programs in support of the mission of the Community Cycling Center.

Organizational leadership 20%
• Participate in work planning and organization-wide goal setting
• Represent the programs within the organization’s management team
• Develop, monitor and respect a budget for each department.
• Collaborate with the development team to ensure timely reporting for grants and contracts.
• Work with communications and development teams to identify fundraising needs and requests for in-kind donations.

• Demonstrated experience in conceptualizing programs and translating concepts into successful proposals and budgets
• Master’s degree or equivalent experience (2+ years of work in this field) in education, community health or program development and evaluation
• At least three years of experience in successfully managing and coaching staff
• Working knowledge of best practice in experiential education including, but not limited to stages of learning development, inquiry-based learning, life-centered teaching student, collaborative learning and culturally appropriate teaching
• Understanding and expertise in budgeting and budget monitoring
• Working knowledge of assessment methods and systems including, but not limited to logic models, theories of change, quantitative and qualitative methods, and authentic assessment
• Exceptional communication. Ability to recognize opportunities and communicate effectively inside and outside the organization, especially across cultures
• Personal commitment and demonstrated success in creating an inclusive and collaborative work environment
• High level of proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office programs, component management databases and time management platforms.
• Passion for engaging and supporting the community
• Ability to ride a bike to observe and support programs and staff in action *
• Ability to lift up to 25 pounds of gear and program equipment to assist with events *
• * Reasonable accommodation will be made

• Fluency in one or more languages ​​spoken in Portland communities (eg Spanish, Vietnamese,
• CPR / first aid training
• Training on diversity, equity and inclusion or LGBTIA + Ally training
• Experience with workforce development
• Lived experience as a member of a marginalized community.
• Love of bikes!

How to register

Please submit a cover letter and resume via email with the program director as the subject line to [email protected]

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