Praise of Saint Catherine for the amazing volunteers – “ We just couldn’t do without them ”


Some volunteers from the Sainte-Catherine hospice

Some volunteers from the Sainte-Catherine hospice

With over 500 volunteers across the organization, Saint Catherine’s has incredible support in many different areas, such as charity shops, reception, fundraising support groups, bereavement support and more. again.

If paid, the contribution volunteers make to the charity would amount to well over £ 1million per year.

The past year has been an exceptionally difficult time for all charities – and Sainte-Catherine is no exception.

Mike and Jill Gould

Despite the restrictions placed on everyone’s life due to the Covid restrictions, some volunteering activities were able to continue and made a huge difference to our local community.

For example, Saint Catherine volunteers were recruited to act as volunteer commissioners at the Scarborough Rugby Club Covid Vaccination Center, playing a key role in the vaccination effort.

Volunteers also returned as much as possible to the association’s 11 stores, adapting to new working methods with PPE and Covid safety instructions.

The board of directors, which governs Sainte-Catherine, is also a volunteer and gives of its time for free.

Mike Wilkerson, General Manager of Saint Catherine’s, said: “We would like to say a huge thank you to each of our volunteers for the incredible contribution they make to the charity. We just couldn’t do what we do without them.

“It’s been such a tough year and we missed being able to see all of our volunteers, but we really can’t wait to welcome everyone when it’s safe to do so.

If you would like to learn more about volunteering at Saint Catherine’s, go to or call (01723) 351421.

There are currently vacancies for Store Volunteers, Volunteer eBay Assistant, and Volunteer Van Driver.

Visit for more details on eBay and van driver roles can be found

Mike and Jill Gould – vaccine volunteers, Scarborough

Mike and Jill Gould, of Seamer, began their role as vaccine volunteers in March, after Saint Catherine was asked to provide volunteer commissioners for the Scarborough Rugby Club Covid Vaccination Center.

Jill said, “We wanted to feel useful and be able to help.

“It was a way of giving back and we’re both retired so we had the time.

“Everyone has been very nice and everyone seems to be really enjoying it.”

Mike added: “There was a really positive atmosphere and people are certainly very grateful.

“When people leave after receiving their vaccine, they thank you for what you are doing.

“Getting that appreciation and that feedback is great.

“I really enjoyed it and it was never a chore. I would definitely recommend volunteering.

Jill added, “It’s nice to go out and meet other people from different walks of life and see how everyone is doing. I really like being a part of it. “

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