Pueblo West teenager donates thousands of shoes to community


PUEBLO – Not everyone can afford a pair of shoes of their own, and a local teenager wants to change that by collecting and donating thousands of shoes to the community.

Her name is Madison Tatinski and she is 17 at Pueblo West High School. She’s doing her best to make it all happen.

During the 2013 vacation, Madison thought to herself, “I have so many, so for Christmas I decided to ask for shoes for other kids instead of gifts for myself, and I got it. remade for my birthday. We decided that the shoes were such a great need and something that everyone should experience. “

Since college, she collects and donates thousands of new and old shoes. His effort is called Madison’s Mission, 1 Pair at a Time.

“I had no idea it would get that big. It started with about 35 shoes at Christmas maybe and now we’re over 13,000 pairs,” Madison said.

From the start, she partnered with the Pueblo Cooperative Care Center to donate the shoes to children and adults in need. Within the organization, there is a Madison’s Shoe Corner, where dozens of pairs of shoes fill the shelves.

“I would say 80% of the shoes we have here are from Madison. I mean its impact on the community is beyond measure,” said Mona Montoya, the organization’s director of operations.

Over the years, Montoya has worked closely with Madison and even helped her shop for shoes at Walmart once.

“I am moved because she touched my heart. To see her give as she is is just selfless,” said Montoya. “She could do other things for herself, but because of her heart and love for the needy children in the community, she touched the lives of so many.”

The organization provides food, clothing and shoes to those in need, and it is thanks to the efforts of volunteers like Madison’s.

“To me that says his heart is full of compassion for those less fortunate in our community,” said Montoya.

The shoes went to schools and organizations in Pueblo in Fremont County, and they went to other countries around the world, including Africa, Ecuador, Haiti and Mexico.

“I received a really cool photo of all the kids in Mexico with letters that spelled ‘Gracias’,” Madison said. “There was one time at the Care Center when a lady walked in and took a pair of sparkly pink shoes. She tried them on and they fit her, and she smiled and danced out of the center. they had never really seen his smile before. “

Thanks and positive comments like this is what keeps the teenager going.

“It’s really good. I’m really proud to be able to help and I love to see how my shoes are helping people, it’s really inspiring to keep doing that,” said Madison. “It makes me happy to be able to help.

In order to purchase a large portion of the shoes, Madison obtained grants and organized community fundraisers. She says she’s planning another vacation fundraiser.

She recently collected 400 shoes to donate to Kindred Kids, an organization in Canon City.

There are donation boxes placed at businesses in the Pueblo community and also a box at Kindred Kids. In Pueblo, the boxes are located at Pueblo Cooperative Care Center, Adam’s Electric, and Burger King. Madison also has a Facebook page to promote her mission. There you can find more information about upcoming fundraisers and donation box locations.

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