San Juan County Adult Detention Center Administrator Announces Retirement, Replacement Appointed – The Durango Herald


San Juan County, New Mexico, announced the retirement of the longtime administrator of adult detention and the appointment of a new administrator.

Tom Havel has served as administrator of the San Juan County Adult Detention Center since 2000 and announced his retirement effective Thursday.

Havel was instrumental in the construction of the San Juan County Adult Detention Center in 2005 and has since been recognized, along with his staff, for obtaining and maintaining accreditation from the Professional Prison Standards Board. NM adults since 2013. In addition, Havel is a certified correctional service. executive accredited by the American Correctional Association.

While Havel was a trustee, the Adult Detention Center set the bar very high in the state of New Mexico and for the professional management of the largest department of the San Juan County government.

To replace Tom Havel, Stark has appointed the current deputy administrator of the adult detention center, Daniel Webb.

Webb has served at the San Juan County Adult Detention Center for the past eight years under Havel. Prior to assuming his current position, Webb served 15 years in the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, reaching the rank of lieutenant. He joined the staff of the Adult Detention Center in 2012. Webb also received the designation of Certified Correctional Officer from the ACA.

Daniel Webb took over on Friday as ADC administrator.

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