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CHURCH HILL – Every coach who spoke to Team Seymour after the game had the same message, they felt the Eagles were the better team on Friday night against Volunteer.

Based on the statistics, especially the second half, this case could easily be done. The Eagles edged the Falcons by 106 yards to just 28 in the final 23 minutes.

Football, however, is a 48-minute contest. Mistakes and poor execution in the first 25 minutes, along with a failure to complete practices, caused Seymour to lose his first game of the season 28-14.

Seymour (2-1, 0-1 Region 1-4A) put himself in a hole allowing two successful in-play kicks at the end of the second quarter, then gave up a long kick-off return for get set up on a short workout to open the third quarter. .

Down 28-7, the Eagles controlled the game the rest of the half-time, but only one of three extended practices ended up scoring, giving Volunteer (1-2, 1-0) a head start. on Seymour in the hunt for one of the area players. four playoff spots.

“We didn’t handle adversity very well,” said Seymour coach Scott Branton. “The first two weeks, when things weren’t going the way we wanted, we were resilient, we got a grip on ourselves. Tonight we didn’t. We kind of bowed our heads, we didn’t want to listen to the coaches, and we kind of shut down. “

Things started to go wrong from the first practice, which started to look promising but ended in a 16-yard snap bobble loss on the fourth and fourth, one of many poor rallies of the night.

The volunteer only needed 40 yards to score in response. Seymour was flagged for a face mask on the 4-yard touchdown run and given the extra distance on kickoff, the Falcons opted for a back kick and got it back. Seymour’s defense stiffened and the Eagles moved the ball well again early in the second quarter, but had another nasty blow that killed the drive.

An excellent punt from Josh Nevins down at the 1-yard line and a defensive stance led to a blocked punt to set the Eagles in place with an easy 1-game, 1-yard game to tie things up at 7.

Volunteer took a 14-7 lead with his most sustained training, a 10-game effort, capped by a touchdown pass from Garrison Barrett to Christian Cason with 23 seconds left in the half.

Volunteer tried and took another back kick, as a low liner ricocheted off an Eagle lineman. The Falcons converted after Barrett (17 for 30, 185 yards) threw 29 yards to set up a one-yard dive and a sudden 21-7 lead at halftime.

Another poor special team opened the second half. Volunteer returned the 55-yard kickoff and only needed two plays, another long effort from Barrett after escaping Seymour’s run, and the Eagles lost 28-7 just 51 seconds off. half-time.

Seymour responded with a 66-yard drive and scored with Funck running a perfect nine-yard option.

The Eagles played hard the rest of the course and dominated both lines but suffered from untimely falls, penalties and several other big losses on snaps past Funck.

“We have to learn from it,” said Branton. “It’s a long season, and we’re not looking beyond next week. We will regroup and focus on our next opponent.

Seymour travels to Cocke County for an out-of-region clash in Week 4 against a team from Fighting Cocks who claimed their first victory Friday against Heritage.

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