Snoop Dogg joins Master P in his quest to take over grocery stores as Broadus Foods introduces Snoop Loopz cereal

Like clockwork, Snoop Dogg is on his next trade move.

Billboard reports that the rapper and serial entrepreneur will launch a brand of cereal called Snoop Loopz.

Broadus Foods Company

Although new to the game, the gluten-free product may give other companies a hard time.

Snoop’s cereal claims to have “more corn, more flavor and more marshmallows” than its competitors. Thanks to his company Broadus Foods, he will debut at an unprecedented date in grocery stores.

Master P announced Snoop’s cereal business on social platforms over the weekend.

“Broadus Foods presents the tastiest cereal in the game Snoop loopz. @snoopdogg we’re taking over groceries. The more we earn, the more we give. #GODisgood #familybusiness Delicious Berry Fo Shizzle,” Master P wrote on Instagram.

Plus, the cereal brand will be an opportunity for Snoop to give back to others. Mashed reports that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Door of Hope. According to the company’s website, the nonprofit organization helps single mothers, single fathers and two-parent families facing homelessness.

Snoop Dogg joins Nic King in the cereal game

While Snoop Dogg isn’t new to the business world, he’s been in the cereal game, joining others like entrepreneur Nic King.

As the founder of the first Black-owned grain company, King and Snoop have one thing in common: putting community first.

“Putting it all together I was like, ‘Great! This may be the first black grain company, this is great, but what am I doing? How will this affect the community? C That’s where my brain went next,” King told AfroTech in an interview. “I’ve been a cereal lover all my life, but to be transparent, it’s filled with a lot of sugar and dyes and other ingredients that are not good for us.”

He continued, “I knew I had to offer something healthier, especially with all the food deserts happening mostly in urban communities. I was like, I have to go vegan. Gotta go plant based, gotta give a healthier option.

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