Suicide attempt of a former servant, a former case: director of the health department of K’tan

KOTA BHARU: A recent viral post from a former trainee doctor or housekeeper on social media who claimed to be emotionally bullied at a government hospital in Kelantan that culminated in a suicide attempt is old news, the director says of the State Health Department (JKNK) Datuk Dr. Zaini Hussin(photo).

He said the case happened in 2019 and was closed because the allegations could not be proven, but went viral again.

He added that a post that went viral yesterday did not mention the author in detail, making it difficult to identify the complainant.

“We have seen the report and it does not specifically mention who the author is and this has made it difficult for us to determine whether the complainant is a licensed doctor or vice versa.

“If there is a more specific report, we are always ready to investigate further and ensure that they (victims of bullying) get justice if the incident did in fact take place,” a- he declared.

He told reporters after attending the Raja Perempuan Zainab II (HRPZ II) Hospital World Asthma Day and HRPZ II Severe Asthma Clinic launch today.

A trainee doctor yesterday claimed he suffered emotional abuse as well as being bullied and forced to work overtime during his internship in the surgical ward of a government hospital on the east coast.

The trainee doctor also attempted suicide twice due to the abuse and after reporting the matter to the deputy principal with no further action taken.

Further commenting, Dr. Zaini said that the JKNK holds regular meetings, around once to three times a month to listen to their problems and a counseling unit if they need help or have any problem.

In a further development, Dr Zaini said he did not rule out the possibility of a rise in daily Covid-19 cases following the celebration of Aidilfitri.

“We do not exclude the possibility that there will be an increase (in cases) after the Aidilfitri holidays, in categories one and two, in addition we are also maintaining beds for Covid-19 patients around 300 beds statewide and 30 intensive care beds,” he said.-Bernama

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