The biggest scandals to ever hit Ruby Tuesday

Countless restaurants have closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to seeking Chapter 11 protection, Ruby Tuesday was forced to shut down 185 sites, according to USA Today. Unfortunately, closures come with layoffs. What’s shocking about Ruby Tuesday’s layoffs is that some of its employees have reportedly received no prior warning. In fact, it was not a rare event before the pandemic.

“If a store closes for good, Ruby Tuesday never, ever, ever gives anyone notice,” a staff member at one Missouri location told Business Insider. “The district manager will literally call the general manager the day before and say, ‘Hey, you’re going to shut down. Tonight is your last opening day. Don’t tell anyone until tomorrow.’” In the same Business Insider story, Ruby Tuesday staff members in different cities backed this claim, recounting their shock and disappointment upon learning that their location had closed without giving them much notice, if any. A Philadelphia-based waiter testified, “They put a sign on the door, and you come in to work, and you realize you don’t have a job.”

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