To women who hold back their tears

I was a little late posting on Mother’s Day, but here I am again… May 8 was dedicated to honoring the women who raised us. They dedicate their lives to us, are selfless yet powerful, caring and protective…
Being a mother is undoubtedly one of the most difficult and rewarding professions in the world, but one day is not enough to express our thanks for all their efforts and sacrifices to keep us happy, safe and healthy. They do so much for us, but we don’t always recognize it. So the least we can do is remember it every chance we get.

So, today’s blog is dedicated to all moms and future! I wish them the most beautiful days with their loved ones, full of love and fun! They deserved it!

To all the women who stayed up all night to take care of their child. To all the mothers who are always concerned about the safety of their family members other than her own. To all the mums who do everything they can to make their children happy, whether by preparing their favorite dish or by organizing the most beautiful summer trips. To every woman who worked overtime to make sure her children had everything they needed, even the smallest details. To every mother who encourages her children to be the best version of themselves every day by supporting them in each of their choices. To all women who have raised a child alone or with children who are not theirs. To all the moms who have left us and who still remain in our hearts.

As we rejoice, this is one of the most painful days of the year for many. A special dedication to women who are struggling to become mothers. I know it’s hard since you hear and see so much insult and mockery, but remember that God sees and hears everything. Do not get discouraged. I have personally witnessed women degrading other women by subjecting them to taunts and disrespectful comments.

I have seen a woman who leaves her child (I don’t know if she had one) on another continent for 8-10 months a year and stays with her parents on another continent, not to mention her child or the family talking about their only grandson. It was strange but an educated and sane person would never inquire about intimate information but the same woman made sure to keep up to date on why her brother’s wife had not conceived despite them being sent on honeymoon abroad specifically for this purpose. (Let’s not get into the nasty questions the brother’s wife had to answer.)

That said, our culture struggles to understand the sensitivities and expectations that arise when a woman is unable to have a child for whatever reason. Let’s celebrate and support the women who refuse to give up and face the world with courage and compassion on this day.

Let’s take advantage of this day to raise awareness and support those who want to start a family but who have trouble conceiving or who have lost a baby. Let’s be compassionate to each other. Let’s make sure to help and facilitate women/mothers who are juggling work and home responsibilities instead of throwing them under the bus by justifying “meri dost to apnay ghar ki “ayaa” ki trah kam krti to zimedari e nahi koi bass khana bnana hota ha”
I am not a parent but I surely know the values ​​that I would like to inculcate in my child. Being a mother and raising a child in a toxic environment where all you hear is continual criticism and humiliation for not looking after the child “properly” is really difficult. I can’t imagine the suffering of these moms, but I applaud their bravery. More power to you ladies for having the courage to endure toxicity and to those women who rejected toxic relationships and chose a different path to raise their children in a healthier environment. You have our prayers, our best wishes and our hugs. Remember that people will always pull you down, but someone will always be there to cheer you up. Find them in your life, learn from them, and make our society a better place for everyone.

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