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While the backbone of snowmobiling in the state of Maine is volunteers who are passionate about what they do. There is an organization that also champions snowmobiling in the state legislature. In this week’s Sledding the County, Brian Bouchard interviews the president of the Maine Snowmobile Association.

“A club, per se, in Allagash, Maine or Kittery, Maine can’t be in Augusta for a hearing, but we have a voice there because of MSA. That’s why it’s about having one voice for all Maine snowmobile clubs.

Mike Grass, President of the Maine Snowmobile Association, was out sledding around the county with a few friends this week and took the time to sit down with WAGM to tell us about the purpose of MSA and the work they do in Augusta on behalf of more than 286 snowmobile clubs in the state.

“The Maine Snowmobile Association was started in 1968, around the same time many local clubs were started, around the same time. We were trained by those clubs, the members of those clubs to be a lobbyist and executive-type body to do legislative work and coordinate efforts among all clubs in the state, statewide.

Grass went on to give examples of the MSA’s lobbying work, including an effort to raise snowmobile registration fees by $10, allowing an additional $5 from each registration to go to the Trail Fund, which goes to cover trail maintenance costs and $5. would go to a capital fund that would help snowmobile clubs through grants to purchase new equipment such as snow groomers.

“The Maine volunteers have created a great snowmobile product and as soon as someone comes to enjoy it, they come back. More and more people come here and find out that we have a great product and they say they are friends and they bring more friends and they come further and further”

And Grass had one last statement he wanted to make to snowmobilers across the state:

“I would just recommend anyone who rides snowmobiles to join their local club and beyond that volunteering to help them build a bridge, put up signs, cut brush, there are a lot of things things you can do at club level that can help the sport and if everyone does their bit it all becomes easier and it makes for a better product for everyone.

Brian Bouchard, NewsSource8

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