“Too big”: Corey Phelps – Before and after photos


Too big Star Corey phelps has come a long way, and TLC fans are proud to see him now from where he started. The before and after will leave you in shock.

Too Big: Corey Phelps Gets Help From A Daddy

Too big Most memorable Corey Phelps is known for calling Dr. Charles Proctor a “daddy”. This term basically means an older man who is very handsome.

Corey has let the world know that he’s up for a weight loss challenge and that he’s going to do whatever it takes to become a healthier person. During his time on the TLC show, he talks about how he is rebuilding his life.

When Corey Phelps was younger he was kicked out of his mother’s house and no one could accommodate him. He found himself homeless and gained weight quickly. Eventually he found a safe haven in a homeless shelter where he was able to find work with computers. After that, he was able to move in with a friend and started living a better life. That’s why when fans meet him on the show, he tries to meet Dr. Proctor. He says the next stop on his journey is weight loss.

TLC: Meeting scene

Too big keeps Corey Phelps in a very active role. The TLC star says dating is tough for him because not everyone is ready to date people his size. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t date him. On the show, fans watched him have a cute date with a handsome man. The couple opened up about their lives and Corey opened up about their weight loss journey. Terhan is more than understanding, and the date is going well.

Corey says he wants someone who wants to be with him for him and not for his height. A lot of people will be with a bigger person because they like the weight more than the person. And that’s something that makes him nervous. He is grateful that Terhan loves her for him and is excited to see where their relationship could go. While fans may not be able to see this handsome duo again, they are happy to see Corey walk away with confidence.

Too Big: Give Us More Corey Phelps

Too big Corey Phelps really gives it all when it comes to weight loss. He shows confidence through his dating and also through his attitude. Fans are watching Corey not only eat a healthier diet, but also follow a vigorous exercise routine with his brother and aunt. When he first got help from Dr. Charles Proctor, he was given a weight loss goal of 50 pounds before he could be approved. Corey then beats that by losing over 80 pounds.

He also faces some difficulties as he is told that even though his surgery has been approved, it must be postponed to a later date due to COVID-19. Dealing with this didn’t slow him down like some of Dr. Proctor’s other patients. Corey even shared that he wasn’t too hurt by the date change and that he was motivated to lose more.

TLC Star Big Reveal

TLC’s Corey Phelps Too big really makes an amazing change. He ends up having surgery, and now he’s better than ever. Corey started his journey at 664 pounds. It was clear that if he didn’t change quickly, he would die. He is certainly one of the greatest accomplishments of the series to date. He now weighs 396 pounds and plans to lose more.

Too tall: Corey Phelps

Corey himself informs the world that he continues to progress as he is no longer a part of the series. He has just finished his studies and gave a touching speech on his journey.

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