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Katrina McCarter, Founder, CEO of Marketing to Moms

M2Moms - Marketing to mothers

Colette Thayer, Ph.D, Senior Advisor and Team Leader, Consumer Insights, AARP Research

M2Moms - Marketing to mothers

Angela Houghton, Senior Multicultural Research Advisor, AARP Research

Brands can attract more customers, earn more money per customer, and retain customers for longer, simply by getting smarter about consumers of all ages.

– Katrina McCarter, Founder / CEO of Marketing to Mums

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, September 22, 2021 / – “American women and mothers 50 and over are the healthiest, richest, most educated, most active women and the most influential in history, ”according to Nan McCann, M2Momans® Founder. “They account for over 50% of all consumer spending in virtually all categories. M2Moms® Latest Media & Market Articles: The Desires of AARP’s 50+ Women and 50+ Moms… Don’t Ignore Us Marketing to Moms details the power of Moms and Women 50+. Ironically, they both also examine the disconnect with how such a powerful economic force is overlooked or wrongly portrayed in media and advertising. »M2Moms® is an online learning resource designed to help marketers achieve better results with moms and families today.

AARP’s new Media & Marketplace study: Desires of Women Age 50+, led by Colette Thayer, Ph.D., Senior Advisor and Team Leader, Consumer Insights with Angela Houghton, Senior Multicultural Research Advisor, both from AARP Research an infographic of a new 2021 study titled Mirror / Mirror – Reflections on Beauty, Age and the Media. This shows that, to a large extent, women “tend to feel more comfortable in their own skin as they get older”, but also “they feel underserved in the market and want to see more products. and solutions “adapted to them”.

Based on her survey of 1,800 moms for her article Moms 50+… Don’t Ignore Us !, Katrina McCarter, founder of Marketing to Mums, found that working women over 45 who balance the needs of older dependent children and aging parents feel invisible to the media. and brands, although they often control the finances of their children, parents and themselves. McCarter, global marketing expert and mother of 3, said, “We are healthier, wealthier, more educated, active and influential than ever before and brands can attract more customers, make more money per customer and retain customers for longer, just by getting smarter. on consumers of all ages ”.

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