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VIPdesk and HopSkipDrive share the same uncompromising vision of a high customer service experience

VIPdesk continues its rapid growth rate by adding another top customer to its mix of premium brands. HopSkipDrive is an innovative and safe transportation solution for youth that partners with schools, school districts, nonprofits and government agencies to meet transportation needs. They also help families get their children to school, to activities and wherever they need to go. With just a few days’ notice, VIPdesk was able to recruit a team of passionate customer service experts and help HopSkipDrive deliver customer service resources essential to its operation. Both driven by similar business goals, VIPdesk and HopSkipDrive share the same uncompromising vision of a high customer service experience.

“Sally Hurley – CEO of VIPdesk commented on the new partnership:“ As a working mom, I understand the benefits of HopSkipDrive for families and communities with transportation needs! I am thrilled to support this women-owned business as it grows rapidly across America.

VIPdesk is focused on creating an authentic and memorable customer experience for customers who truly value great customer service. HopSkipDrive is a prime example of a business obsessed with providing great customer service. School districts, agencies, nonprofits and families today depend on HopSkipDrive to get their kids wherever they need to go, 7 days a week. Rides are provided by trusted CareDrivers who have Successfully passed a rigorous 15-point certification process, including a required minimum of 5 years of caregiving experience. HopSkipDrive CareDrivers has safely driven 1.4 million passengers over 20 million kilometers.

Michelle McCombs, Vice President of Operations at HopSkipDrive, said, “A key differentiator for HopSkipDrive is our exceptional customer support and we are happy to partner with VIPdesk to deliver it the best we can. VIPdesk responded to our needs quickly and we look forward to providing a great customer experience together. “

As a Certified B-Corp, VIPdesk enthusiastically embraces the philosophies of this goal-driven community that strives to reduce inequalities, lower poverty levels, contribute to a healthier environment, build communities stronger and create more high-quality jobs with dignity and purpose. VIPdesk believes that never in its history has its role in helping businesses been more central than today. VIPdesk has published numerous blogs, podcasts and webinars on to help businesses succeed in this challenging environment and will continue to demonstrate thought leadership through these channels.

About VIPdesk

VIPdesk, a premium provider of outsourced customer experience solutions, employs a select team of remotely-working, home-based brand ambassadors (customer service professionals), located in the United States, to deliver a high customer experience for brands luxury and upscale. As a certified B-Corp, Women-Owned-Corporation and Best Workplace winner, VIPdesk’s rapid mission is to improve the human experience with its team members and partners. The talented members of the VIPdesk team not only excel in delivering superior customer service, but are also passionate ambassadors of the brands they serve. VIPdesk’s suite of services includes Omni-Channel customer service management including all traditional and digital contact channels, comprehensive AI and assisted AI solutions, social media management, back office support and customer experience consulting. Visit for more information or @VIPdesk on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

About HopSkipDrive

Designed by protective moms and driven by caregivers, HopSkipDrive is the innovative, safe and reliable youth transportation solution for schools, districts, government agencies and families. HopSkipDrive’s advanced technology platform and cutting-edge operational expertise provide school districts with safety, flexibility and visibility while helping to create opportunities for all through mobility.

HopSkipDrive currently operates in 16 major markets in nine states and Washington DC, and has contracts with more than 300 school districts and county government agencies. HopSkipDrive CareDrivers have safely traveled over 20 million kilometers with over 1.4 million passengers.

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