Volunteer Mechanical Student Engages in ABB Factory During CTE ‘Signing Ceremony’ | Honors and Prizes


ROGERSVILLE – Volunteer high school student Peyton Christian recently signed a ‘letter of intent’ to pursue his post-secondary education – not only with a full scholarship – but also with a fairly good salary.

But Christian won’t go to college. He will make a living and learn on the job while putting the knowledge and experience gained through Volunteer’s auto mechanics program to good use.

Earlier this year, Christian was one of two Hawkins County auto mechanic students chosen to intern in the county school system’s bus garage.

This achievement caught Christian’s attention to the management of the ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc. factory in Rogersville. With more than 200 employees, the mounted ball bearing manufacturing plant is one of the largest employers in Rogersville.

Like athletes who sign their letter of intent at a university, on April 30, Christian signed his “letter of intent” to begin his career with ABB after graduating later this month.

“An exceptional student who has shown maturity”

During his time at VHS, Christian completed a CTE (vocational and technical training) in the automotive maintenance and light repair program.

Instructor Johnathan Barton said Christian is an outstanding student who has achieved two nationally recognized certifications: the Automotive Service Excellence Certificate and the OSHA 10 General Industry Certifications.

“Peyton was an exceptional student who demonstrated maturity and a desire to learn throughout his time in my automotive class,” said Barton. “He is a motivated young man who was a pleasure to have in class. Peyton is the type of student every instructor wishes to have. Whenever he encountered a problem while working in the workshop, he would go out of his way to solve it on his own.

Barton added: “Without my having to suggest it – he would use the repair info, Google, YouTube or whatever resource he could find to diagnose and fix the ‘live’ work I bring. I appreciate all of them. his efforts and I know he will be an asset to ABB. ”

“Our CTE instructors do an incredible job”

CTE supervisor Dr Brandon Williams said he hopes Christian’s signing ceremony on April 30 is just the first of many similar celebrations and CTE successes to come.

“That’s all vocational and technical training means,” Williams said. “Our CTE instructors do a wonderful job with our students, teaching them the skills they will need to be successful in the job market or for advanced training. I wanted to start hosting these events (CTE signing) to highlight what the Hawkins County CTE has to offer to our students, our business and industry partners, and our community.

ABB issued an official statement welcoming Christian to the company and applauding the Hawkins County CTE program for preparing its students for the workforce.

ABB’s statement says, “We became interested in the CTE program when Dr Williams explained the program and how it works. We got even more interested after meeting Peyton. Peyton has a proven work ethic that he demonstrated throughout high school and through his work at the Hawkins County Bus Shop. We believe that the CTE program and the Work Ready program prepare graduate students to enter the workforce, as Peyton did, and are important and the future of recruiting for industries and businesses in Hawkins County. .

Williams said he was very proud of Christian, whom he described as an exceptional young man who will represent Hawkins County schools well at ABB.

“I am also very proud of Mr. Barton and the rest of the Hawkins County CTE staff for all of their hard work and dedication to our students,” said Williams. “Finally, I am very grateful to Mr. Kevin Hughett and Mr. Tom Carpenter at ABB. I look forward to developing a strong partnership between ABB and Hawkins County CTE. “

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