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MLK Park’s new playground was full of day campers moments after the city hosted an opening ceremony in 2018. The city is forming a group of volunteers to work on the design phase for further improvements.

Andy Cripe, Gazette-Times (2018)


The Corvallis Parks and Recreation Department is setting up a group of community volunteers to help with the design phase of the department’s project to renovate the park Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

A multi-year effort to modernize the park is underway, with a new playground, permanent restrooms, and nut barn renovations already completed.

“The goal (is) to create a place for people from all walks of life with the help of the diverse perspectives of community members,” said Meredith Petit, Director of Parks and Recreation. “MLK Park will be a place that, through calculated design, artistry and interpretation, honors the legacy and work of Dr. King, educates and inspires visitors through interactive features and demonstrates commitment. community towards social and racial justice. “

The department is looking for community members to volunteer as ambassadors for the project as it enters the detailed design phase. During this phase, the master plan will be refined to guide the construction of the park improvements.

This group will work with landscape architects at Juncus Studios and staff at Corvallis Parks and Recreation to connect with the community and make decisions that will turn the concept plan into a detailed design.

Petit said recruiting volunteers would prioritize applicants who identify as part of the black community or other historically marginalized communities.

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