Why More Couples Are Divorcing These Days (And Is It Right?)

More marriages end in divorce or permanent separation and social changes and recent events may be to blame. Divorce is a negative event in life and is even compared to the experience of a death when it comes to grief and loss. Although divorce is a permanent end to what was meant to be an everlasting relationship, all of these divorces may not be a bad thing overall.

While divorce has been on the rise over the past couple of years, it has really been on an upward trend over the past 50 years. For centuries divorce was considered a huge failure, a sin, a societal mark, and was very hard to get, so people didn’t really do it.

Once you got married, you stayed married through it all, as those vows said. In addition to moral pressure, women could not really afford to divorce their husbands. This was before women no longer had equality in the workplace and in society. Women wouldn’t even have the ability to support themselves, so marriage was the solution.

Divorce was so frowned upon that the divorce rate in the United States was very low. In 1940, only 2% of women were divorced or separated according to the National Center for Family & Marriage Research. Today, that figure is 15%, but it has fluctuated over the years.

The 1960s to 1980s were a very important period for the divorce boom. State governors began enacting no-fault divorce laws, meaning couples could divorce for any reason or no reason at all. Before that, a member of the marriage had to provide the court with proof that their marriage should be terminated and a judge would decide.

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Forced time together increased divorce

More couples have divorced during the coronavirus pandemic than in previous years. The pandemic has been an extremely stressful event that has brought many personal issues to light. Couples who hadn’t even had relationship problems before have found themselves separated in the past couple of years. There was nowhere to go and no one to see but your partner. The couples also struggled to share a workspace from home and balance their children’s schooling.

In a sordid political climate, some couples suddenly found themselves on the opposite end of the spectrum and couldn’t come to terms with it. There was a lot of stress, and the couples either worked through those issues together or went their separate ways. A BBC article cited that a law firm in England had seen a 122% increase in divorce applications, which is a trend seen around the world.

Mothers who have divorced know the pain of this significant relationship breakdown, especially with the children involved. Still, there are very legitimate reasons to file and divorce.


Cases of abuse are prohibited for marriage. Whether emotional, physical, mental or verbal, all instances of abuse are the best reasons to end a marriage.


An affair is another good reason to divorce. No one needs to be with a partner who won’t stay monogamous in marriage and mind business.

extreme misfortune

It may not be a real reason for many, but it is a valuable one. Happiness matters and forcing a relationship is always a bad idea. The children suffer and feel the displeasure of their parents. Often, being apart is healthier for everyone involved.

Overall, if we don’t go into detail, the most common reason for divorce is not being in love with the person you married anymore. It happens. People change and so do their views and opinions. Couples must grow together or they will separate. This recent spike in divorces represents a huge life change and a big shift in our society. We seek happiness more and take care of our mental health. This includes ending unhelpful marriages.

Source: National Center for Family and Marriage Research, BBC, National Affairs

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