Witness recalls attempted theft in vehicle crash on August 21 near Salix, IA


SALIX, Iowa (KTIV) – A Minnesota man is accused of causing an accident on Interstate 29 near Salix, Iowa, and then attempting to rob people from two vehicles, which pulled over to help.

Larry Robertson, Jr. of Crookston, Minnesota faces two counts of attempted robbery, reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

The Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office said Robertson was driving north on the south lanes of I-29 around 8:00 p.m. Friday night when he crashed into a southbound vehicle.

After the crash, authorities say Robertson attempted to force-board two other vehicles, but was unsuccessful.

“I turned around and he hit me in the face,” Travis Craft said.

On Friday, August 21, Travis Craft said he and his brother Dwyane were heading south on Interstate-29 en route to Lincoln.

“We noticed that the wreckage right in front of us had just happened. My brother told me to stop. And so I did, I pulled over to the left side of the road.” , said Travis Craft.

It was at this point that Travis and his brother say they noticed Larry Robertson Jr. was crossing the freeway towards various cars stopped by the side of the road.

Craft finally said, Robertson walked over to their car and settled into the passenger seat. He thought Robertson was injured and was asking for help.

He said Robertson asked him to drive him to Sioux Falls or Sioux City… and when Travis refused, Robertson hit him.

“And then he kept trying to climb on the manual stick and the break and throw me out of the car. And that’s about when I nudged him. My brother opened the door and took the guy out, ”Craft said. “Well he kicked my brother in the knee and got up and kept running across the middle and then to the other side. jumped into the cornfield … just as the cops were getting up, “witness Travis Craft said.

He adds that although there were no serious injuries to him or his brother, he was still shaken by the incident.

When Robertson couldn’t get into those two vehicles, authorities say he fled into a nearby corn field.

After a thorough search that included drones and K-9s, Robertson was arrested about a mile and a half away. The investigation is ongoing. Check adult webcam

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