YogaBellies updates individuals on yoga teaching opportunities

Since its inception, the YogaBellies® brand has helped people maintain their physical and mental health by encouraging the regular practice of yoga. The organization now wants to help candidates interested in becoming yoga teachers. The reason for this development is to further YogaBellies® mission to improve people’s lives through yoga. Additionally, yoga is a fun and safe workout that can improve a person’s health and well-being. The practice helps people achieve perfect balance between mind and body. For this reason, the team believes that everyone in the community deserves access to yoga.

Although the YogaBellies® program is aimed at pregnant women, its benefits extend to people of all ages and backgrounds. The team members believe that teaching yoga is a true calling, a path that will reward the practitioner for life. Therefore, the organization is now accepting applications from women with a keen interest in childbirth, pregnancy, babies and women. The offer aims to encourage women to support themselves with feminine yoga techniques, whatever the discipline. Instructors will be provided with everything needed to succeed in this craft.

For example, the YogaBellies® program gives prospective instructors access to exclusive training programs as well as a community of over 50,000 moms and moms-to-be. Instructors also get lifetime access to YogaBellies® teacher resources, including:

  • A self-paced 200-hour online course. Another perk is the ability to become a certified trainer with a thriving business model.
  • A collection of over 60 customizable lesson plans with SLEEP meditations.
  • Printable and video formats containing the YogaBellies Business Goddess training.
  • 30 hours of recorded live classes from YogaBellies; Over 60 hours of instructional videos, with step-by-step guidance for different postures; practice techniques; and much more.
  • First Aid certification for all YogaBellies® teachers and anatomy and physiology guides.

This training differs from others in the industry in that it does not require candidates to be yoga experts or instructors to join the organization. The most important thing is that the candidate respects the ethics of yoga. Ten different modules make up the teacher training program.

As part of the training, candidates are introduced to the foundations of Hatha yoga, pranayama and yoga sequencing. During the program, students explore physical challenges, allowing them to develop skills and techniques appropriate for helping others. Training is a long-term commitment. Accordingly, YogaBellies® recommends that candidates be prepared to make this commitment before enrolling in the training course.

Finally, participation in the YogaBellies® teacher training program offers candidates the opportunity to learn from award-winning yoga teachers and midwives. Plus, there’s the opportunity to network with other aspiring instructors. The YogaBellies® team is available to offer guidance and support throughout the process.

About YogaBellies®

YogaBellies® is a Scottish health and fitness center offering private yoga classes, corporate classes and baby yoga sessions. The organization aims to help pregnant women, mothers and other women stay fit and strong by achieving a perfect balance between mind and body. Through regular yoga practice, YogaBellies® hopes to improve the lives of these individuals, enabling healthier and more productive lives. A fitness boutique is also available on site.

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